Zika Virus confirmed in San Antonio

Metro Health reports 13th Zika case in San Antonio. The Zika virus is part of the same family as the viruses that cause yellow fever, West Nile, Chikungunya and dengue. Zika is primarily transmitted through the bite of infected Aedes… Continue Reading →

How to get rid of beehives/wasphives

We strongly discourage non-professionals from removing bee nests through do-it-yourself methods. Bee removal should only be carried out by a licensed bee control professionals. as it is dangerous and bees can sting in large numbers. While the removal of all… Continue Reading →

How to keep bed bugs from entering your home

Bed bugs can enter your home; in used clothing, furniture or bedding; by traveling along pipes and wiring; and as “hitch-hikers” on you or your visitors clothing, shoes and bags. To prevent bed bugs from entering your home: Do not… Continue Reading →

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