Do you have critters or Vermin causing damage or flat out being a nuisance?

When a nuisance animal comes too close for comfort, it can be dangerous, destructive or flat out bothersome.  Dangerous or bothersome critters and vermin can pose a great health risk and extensive potential damage. If you live around the San Antonio, Texas area and are experiencing problems with raccoons in your home, squirrels in your attic, or rats/mice , give Johnny Blue’s Four Seasons Pest Control a call at 210-488-2498.

Our trained professionals offer critter and vermin control services to residential and commercial clients alike. Critters and vermin animals left inside of your home or business can create extensive damages in a short amount of time. Raccoons create a mess with the amount of droppings left behind and are extremely strong animals that can rip through just about anything to get where they desire to be. They can be dangerous especially if they have gotten into your attic to have their babies and now are in the mode of protecting their young.  Squirrels are very persistent and destructive animals that can duplicate and create a colony inside of your home quickly.  Mice and rats carry diseases and leave droppings that are less than desirable to find.

Raccoons and rodents commonly attempt to enter the attic space through the roof during the coming cooler months to escape the cold or nest for their young.  If you hear scratching or noises in the attic chances are you’ve got an uninvited guest.  So call us at 210-488-2498 because Johnny Blue’s Four Seasons Pest Control has the expertise to handle the critters and vermin that are causing you grief.

We most commonly service the San Antonio and surrounding areas.  Our common problem wildlife we control are raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, mice, rats and skunks. No critter or vermin removal is to big or small for Johnny Blue’s Four Seasons Pest Control, let us solve your critter problem!