If subterranean termites discover your home, they will search it for the wood fiber. They can squeeze through cracks as narrow as the thickness of a penny. Expansion joints, foundation cracks, tiny gaps around plumbing and electrical service entries are all opportunities for termites. Termites will often leave some evidence of their presence. In San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas,  the main termite that we deal with is called the subterranean termite. This means that they live in the soil, and they feed on wood as stated above. They originally lived in the sandy soil of river beds, and fed on the drift wood in those beds. Now, since the river sand is transported to home building sites, the termites and their eggs are placed right in to the soil below the concrete slab. When houses are built, they are supposed to be treated for termites by spraying the soil, the problem is, that most treatments are done cheaply with inexpensive materials and don’t last very long.

Damage by Termites

The termites that cause the greatest damage for buildings and homes typically belong to the family Rhinotermitidae, the soil dwellers,or subterranean, termites. The Formosan termite, a more aggressive species than the U.S. species, was discovered in the United States in 1965 along the Gulf and in Atlantic port cities. Soil dwellers attack only wood that is in contact with the ground or close enough to be reached through enclosed earthen runways, which are connected to the termite’s under ground galleries. Treatment of soil, use of treated wood, or shielding with metal and concrete are among the methods used to prevent entry of termites into buildings. Drywood termites, of the family Kalotermitedae, do not require as high a humidity as do soil dwellers and will attack trees, fence posts, stumps, and wooden buildings. Although they can cause significant damage, they tend to establish smaller colonies.

Johnny Blue’s Four Seasons Pest Control will come to your home or place of business to inspect, we will look for small holes in wood and sheetrock, crumbling surface on drywall, and sagging doors or floors. There might be mud or dirt blobs on the surface of wood or drywall, these are signs of shelter tubes that termites travel through.

Call Johnny Blue’s Four Season Pest Control for your expert termite inspection and estimate where we use the best treatment for termites for the San Antonio and surrounding areas.  Termidor’s action works like a bacterial virus, once the termites are exposed to it, the product spreads among the colonies and wipes them out. Ask about our initial warranty which is renewable on a yearly basis.

Advantages of Termidor termiticide:
1. America’s #1 termite defense with over 3 million homes treated
2. Works with the transfer effect (like a bacterial virus) and spreads to the entire population wiping them out.
3. Starts working immediately and termite activity stops usually after 30 days.
4. The world’s most effective termiticide — over 12 years of test data proves unparalleled effectiveness.
5. Responsible, low dose treatment, with no odor, environmentally safe.
6. Only pest professionals, who have been Termidor-Certified, can apply Termidor.